Your child should be treated the way Prophet (pbuh) treated new Muslims

1. Discover why our children need to be treated with patience, respect, and compassion, just as the prophet(pbuh) was with new Muslims.

2. The Do's and Don'ts of parenting that solve the issue of our children pushing back against us and practicing their Deen.

3. Leave this webinar with a clear picture of the exact steps you need to take to ensure the seeds of Imaan you have sown in your children and all the hard work you have done with them stays for life.

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About Fouzia Usman

Fouzia is a mother of 3 children, a wife, a Software Engineer by profession, and an entrepreneur by passion. Fouzia's background comes from the fusion of being a mom, a dawah enthusiast, a student of knowledge, and a software engineer molded for more than two decades in corporate environments and personal development spaces. The blend of these experiences and learning gave her a unique perspective and ability to see troubling issues among Muslim children growing up in the West, which enabled her to launch Ummah Stars – a tool for both parents and children. Fouzia is a certified  Positive Discipline Parent Educator.